“Deus le volt! – God wills it!”

On Novemeber 27,1095 Pope Urban II launched 200 years of the Crusades at the Council of Clermont, France.In one of history’s most powerful speeches ,he urged the knights and noblemen to win back the Holy Land, to face their sins, and called upon those present to save their souls and become “Soldiers of Christ.” 912 ( 911+1) years later, The Annapolis Peace Conference was held on November 27 (911)in The State of Maryland( the land of Mary).Strange , isn’t it ? OR IS IT JUST A HISTORICAL COINCIDENCE? If you recall what President Roosevelt ‘s statement that in politics nothing happens by chance and that if anything happens by chance, it is just because they want it to happen that way,it seems to me that a nuclear war(crusades) is about to break out in the Persian Gulf and in the Middle East in general …

The Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, was right in pointing out that  the goal of the Annapolis conference was the formation of a “global coalition against Iran”. Stay tunned…..more coming


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