Morocco counts over 2,300 HIV/AIDS cases

AIDS prevalence in Morocco up to June 30 is estimated at 2,306 cases, 39% of which are women, revealed, here on Wednesday, a study presented at a planning workshop on AIDS. The study showed that people under 40 are the most concerned by AIDS with 42% of cases documented among people aged between 30 and 39 and 23% among those between 15 and 29.

Participants to this three-day meeting stressed the need to expand partnerships at the local and the regional level to facilitate the implementation of Morocco’s 2007-2011 national strategy to fight AIDS. They, however, noted that such a task requires to acquire a thorough knowledge of the social, economic and cultural contexts and on the current epidemiological situation so as to adapt the national strategy to fight AIDS to regional and local realities.

This meeting aims, among other things, at developing a thorough regional intersectoral plan to fight AIDS, define results in terms of providing health care to the people infected and examine the positive sides and the weaknesses in terms of fighting AIDS.

Since the first case of AIDS appeared in 1986, Morocco has progressively introduced a series of measures and countless provisions to cope with the spread of the epidemic. It has recently implemented a USD 47Mn national strategy to raise the awareness of over a million persons, mainly high-risk populations, create 150,000 screening centers and provide medical assistance to 4,000 people by 2011.


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