Peace Corps Morocco is seeking 12 Language and Cultural Facilitators (LCF)

POSITION : Language and Cultural Facilitator
DUTY STATION : Rabat/Other rural areas in Morocco
DATE OF ENTRY ON DUTY : March 1, 2008
DATE OF COMPLETION : Last week of May, 2008
SALARY LEVEL : 200 Dhs per day. Food, lodging and transportation are provided by Peace Corps.

Peace Corps Morocco is seeking 12 Language and Cultural Facilitators (LCF) who will be responsible for facilitating the Peace Corps Morocco Volunteers’ learning in Tamazight or Tashelheet and Moroccan culture

Position Summary :

PRE SERVICE TRAINING Language Cross Culture Facilitator works to develop basic communicative language skills among Peace Corps Trainees during an intensive training program. The LCF works closely with a small group of Trainees throughout the duration of Pre Service Training. S/he conducts language-training classes, within the Peace Corps Competency-based curriculum framework, and effectively uses a variety of language training techniques, methodologies, and activities. The LCF is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of daily language classes, as well as the community assignments of the trainees. S/he acts as a resource person and provides written feedback in the evaluation of the training program and the overall assessment of Trainees’ performance.

Job Description

– Ensure excellent preparation and self-readiness before going to class and integrates all components in the content of his/her sessions. 
– Implement lesson plans based on acquisition of specific language competencies that trainees should achieve. 
– Make appropriate changes based on feedback received and learning needs of the Trainees 
–  Evaluate the language materials based on feedback from Trainees and own experience. 
–  Be available outside “classroom” hours to assist with additional language learning activities, including individual tutorials, other learning options and conferences with Trainees. 
– Identify specific training techniques that correspond to the trainees’ learning styles. 
– Prepare and submit weekly, mid-term and final reports to the Pre Service Training director. 
– Provide regular and consistent feedback to Trainees concerning their language acquisition and performance. 
– Utilize community-based activities to enhance language instruction. 
– Act as an interpreter and translator, as needed. 
– Participate in the compiling, storing and documenting of language training materials. 
– Maintain social and professional relationships with all the training team. 
– Maintain a professional and positive public image with the training staff, Trainees and the local community to ensure the proper implementation of Pre Service Training. 
– Observe professional code of ethics in regard to Trainees, Staff and the community.


–  University degree in English/ or native like fluency in English 
– Adult teaching experience and ability to teach Moroccan culture 
– Ability to teach Tamazight or Tashelheet to Adult Americans 
– Ability to work independently and be part of a team 
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills 
–  Basic computer skills including word processing, excel, internet, and e-mail 
– Moroccan Citizenship For consideration, all applicants must submit a Resume (CV) together with a Cover Letter stating in detail how their education and experience fulfills the requirements of the position. Submitted material must address each listed requirement. Both Cover Letter and Resume (CV) must be type written and in English and either mailed or personally delivered to :

Illi Hakim (
2, Rue Abou Marouane Essadi, Agdal
Rabat, 10100
Tel. : 037 68 37 80

Applicants selected for interviews will be notified by telephone and/or email



  1. 1
    Zhiri Lahcen Says:

    I am so interested about this application. I wonder if I could submit my cv and cover letter though the deasline is over. This is my phone number 067245327.

  2. 2
    amal khaya Says:

    hello i sent you my cv last month ,and i’m interested in such training i would be glad if you select me…i’m interested in cross culture communication and cultures..

  3. 3
    Badr elkadori Says:

    je m apple badr el kadouri je suis un footblar marocain

  4. 4
    samuel johnson Says:

    Part of that issue is tackled last week so it is no use to try it once again.

  5. 5
    elkirat hanan Says:

    who is going to win the next election in the us is a question to be answered in the cominig months. however it is far from that clinton will not do.

  6. 6
    isam elkhaidar Says:

    whoever win the election american foreign policy will remain the same. we hope change will come

  7. 7
    mourad el barraa Says:


    i’am so interesting in LCF job and i wonder if i can apply my candidature if it’s not expired.

    mourad el barraa

    023 35 53 08

  8. 8
    abdelfattah khazzaai Says:

    I can’t say how eager I have been and still I am to get in touch with this organisation escpecially that I am interested in cultural studies. I always try to interpret American volunteers’behaviours taking in mind the cultural differences.I am always in a remote area that these volunteers tend to come to.This is my mobile phone number in case there is any news.Thanks in advance

  9. 9
    abdelfattah khazzaai Says:

    this is my mobile phone number I forgot to join it with the already sent reply

  10. 10
    haddou elbour Says:

    Dear sir or madam,
    I am looking for a job,so i wonder if you are hiring any position to teach either tamazight for the new coming americans.
    i will be glad to hear your answer.
    yours faithfully,

  11. 11
    Moulay Ali Says:

    I have started teaching PCVs tachlheet since 2003 in Akka ,Tata province and would be very glad to share this profound experience in LCF.My name is MOULAY ALI ELAALAOUI, i have done many researches about tachlheet and moroccan culture! this is my phone number:076714858 i am incresaengly interested in American culture for i was a student of PCVs since 1997 and recieved my degrees in english literature and linguistics.

  12. 12
    khalid Says:

    I guess I came across your Ad late , well I am quite interested in any activities or placements within peace corps that will come after , I teach Moroccan Arabic and English .

  13. 13

    je suis tres interessé d ts c q vs avvez fait…merci grand merci…………….

  14. 14
    Abdelali Says:

    I am an English teacher. I have worked as a language tutorwith peace corps for more than three years. Really , it was an amazying experience.I’d like to have a chance to work as an Lcf. i am eager for that experience as well. here is my phone number: 010626784

  15. 15
    Abdelali Says:

    I am an English teacher. I have worked as a language tutor with peace corps for more than three years. Really , it was an amazying experience.I’d like to have a chance to work as an Lcf. i am eager for that experience as well. here is my phone number: 010626784
    I’d like to know when shall i submit my resume and cover letter. It possible to text me once is the right time.
    I hope to get your text .

  16. 16
    sesha mandozi Says:

    im very interested in working with you more especially sharing my culture with you and teaching you my language,im in america right now im coming home to botswana in 6days,il be very happy to share my culture with as i was here in the states working for disney as a cultural representative.

    • 17
      Santosh Says:

      Hi Sesha,
      Please mail me on, I am currently in Bots and want to discuss an opportunity with you.


      • 18
        sesha Says:

        hi im sorry i neaver replyed your took time for me to get back home if you still do need people please contact me on my email.

        thank you

  17. 19
    taofiq youssoufi Says:

    i am taoufiq youssoufi. i have been interested in teaching tashlheet. i was tutoring one of the american volunteers in little town near kella mgouna province ouarzazate.i would be so pleased if i work as an LCF. here is my phone number 077350727.

  18. 20

    here waiting for an early reply and any available information , I am Moroccan I m 36 y old, my full name’s El Houssain Salimi I ‘ve studied English literature up to the second year at the University, I like It thanks to Its importance as a world common languga and , thanks to its sweet and candy sound especialy when spoken with The British women , It’s realy a well tasted language

  19. 21
    layla Says:

    i was intoducing my application to peace corps since 2004 every time i see a position i send immedietly.i hav a degrre at english and 4 years experience in some companies.they called me 1 time 4 interview and when they knew i live in laayoune they didnt caal me back! they said u are so far ! there is transport that can take you to japan and not just rabat! i still have hope toi call this year 2009 i have no job please help.i feel that i am dying……

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