Paedophile case: Irish national acquitted

Agadir (south), Nov. 30 – An Irish national, sentenced last August to one year prison term for sexually abusing minors, was found not guilty by the Court of Appeal of Agadir on Thursday.


    Child-protection NGO “Touche pas à mon enfant”, which decried the acquittal, had, in August 2007, deemed “very light” the verdict of the first instance court of Agadir that also sentenced the 67-years-old man to pay a USD 1,300 fine for sexually abusing two children under 16.

    Describing his experience with the Irish man, one of his alleged victims said the old man hired him to carry out some works at his house, affirming that the latter drugged and sodomized him.

    According to “Touche pas à mon enfant”, six Germans, two French and an Irish were sentenced to jail in 2006 for similar cases.

    Moroccan Penal Code sentences all persons who rape or attempt to rape a minor (boy or girl) under 15 without the use of violence from two to five years in jail, and from five to ten years imprisonment when violence is used. If the victim is a disabled minor, the rapist is sentenced from ten to 20 years in jail.


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