Naqniq, R. I. P.

xymphora published these bad news…good news…..bad news because a human being was prevented from expressing himself/herself freely…..bad news because we all know why this blog was suspended and who was behind this evil act….next time don’t bring the old same story about democracy and Human Rights  and human lefts……..this blog was not suspended in iran, saudi arabia or zambia……

Naqniq, R. I. P.

Naqniq has been suspended by WordPress for the mysterious “violation of our Terms of Service”.  Since all it did was accumulate material from other sources, almost entirely ‘mainstream’, and allow the cumulative effect of the facts to damn Zionism and its apologists, the only conceivable problem, besides some inflammatory titles, is that it was becoming too successful in its mission.  It would be nice if some WordPress bloggers decided to ‘suspend’ WordPress for this egregious breach of the basic ethos of the internet. 

naqniq, you have all our support,sympathy and respect ( though we disagree about some of the contents of your blog


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