Dutch Greefa to deliver two sorting machines to Kabbage Souss, Morocco

Tholen – Last week, Greefa, a Dutch producer of packaging and sorting machines, signed a contract in Morocco. Greefa will deliver two sorting machines of the Greefa SmartSort type to the Moroccan company Tariq Kabbage. Henk Pagrach  of Greefa signed the contract with Tariq Kabbage, main shareholder of Domaines Kabbage and Station Kabbage Souss, president of citrus exporter GPA and mayor of the Moroccan municipality of Agadir.

The two sorting machines will deliver an input capacity of 40 MT of tangerines per hour, according to Henk Pagrach. “This makes Station Kabbage Souss the largest sorting and packing station for citrus fruit on the African continent. We are very proud to have our name on those machines,” says Henk Pagrach.


It hasn’t been simple though. “We have been talking about this new line for two years. Many drawings have been made in order to optimize the packing line according to the customer’s wishes,” tells Henk Pagrach of Greefa. Finally we came to an agreement.

The cooperation between Greefa and Kabbage started about four years ago. “Four years ago, we delivered a sorting line for oranges and tangerines to Station Kabbage Souss, whose fruit is marketed by GPA,” says Henk Pagrach. Juvisa, Greefa’s Spanish partner, will supply the input and packaging systems for the new sorting machines.


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