Gay marriage in Ksar lekbir,Morocco once again

 we were accused by a  moroccan newspaper , al ahdath, of inventing the story of the gay marriage in Ksar lekbir, Morocco and that we wrote about something we did not know about….This newspaper ,and all the francophone moroccan press,has maintained that such marriage has never taken  place and that some islamists have invented the whole story in order to harm the reputation of Morocco… ass.!…Morocco’s reputation is safe ,like it or not…..and it can’t be harmed by an article or two….so stop behaving the ostrich way…..

i have just one question: if this is not a gay marriage, what is it then?

updated: the bride,Fouad, was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment….fouadcopy.jpg

                                the bride, Ms FOUAD

Up to ten-month prison terms for ‘sexual perverts’

Tangiers, Dec. 11 – Six people were sentenced Monday evening to prison terms ranging from 4 to 10 months in what is considered as the most publicized case of homosexuality in Morocco.

    The main suspect, Fouad F got ten months and was fined MAD 1000 (about USD 130) on charges of sexual perversion and illegal sale of alcohol. He was found not guilty of the charge of “public offence to morals”.

   Two other people were sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and two to 4 months.

   The six defendants were arrested in the city of Ksar El-Kebir in northern Morocco, following participation in a November 19 ceremony thought to be a gay wedding.

Their lawyers criticized the verdict insisting on the lack of evidence and the absence of “flagrante delicto” and argued that their clients are victims of an over-publicized case.
  A preliminary investigation, quoted by the Minister of the Interior himself, showed that the gathering was a ceremony of the mystic Gnawa sect, practiced by descendants of African slaves. While some participants were dressed in women’s clothing, the ceremony’s organizer claimed that he only wanted to re-enact a vision in which a woman asked him to dress like her and offer a gift to the saint Sayyed Al-Madloum.

     Speaking before the Interior, Decentralization and Infrastructure Committee of the House of Representatives, Chakib Benmoussa insisted that “regardless of any media and political exploitation of this event, it is worth mentioning that the preliminary investigations showed this ceremony was linked to pure charlatanism-related rituals.”

   The incident sparked uproar in the conservative city of Ksar El-Kebir where over 600 people took to the street, chanting slogans condemning what they thought to be a gay wedding.

no more comment………..



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    jamal Says:


  2. 2
    Zineb Says:

    The question is not whether or not homosexuality exists in Morocco. We know it does. However, the burning question is , was that a gay wedding?
    I watched the video myriad times and my take on that is that it
    can’t have been a gay wedding. The person who held the party is gay, is it any wonder that there were gays among the guests?
    There were children and women with “hijab” in there. Did they come to celebrate a SAME SEX Marriage knowing that homosexuality is not tolerated in Morocco? Hahaha, here is a good one, when Fouad went inviting people to come to his party, did he say ” I’m getting married to my gay boyfriend?
    come on people, you should have known better than make a huge deal out of nothing. Yes the guy who held the party is gay, but that was not a wedding party.
    In USA people gay people are still fighting to exist,some of them won’t even come out of the closet and show their colors in a country where the word ” Marriage” is used to describe the union between a man and a woman only. On the other hand, people in Ksar kbir didn’t at all refrain from using the word “Marriage” between 2 gays.
    To gay people in Morocco, I really don’t give a rat’s ass what you do with your lives, but please remember that you live in Morocco i not in Europe,hence you have to abide by the rules , ” when in Rome, do as Romans do”. Those of you that wish to enjoy homosexuality can simply go to Holland, Belgium, Germany or Spain close by 🙂
    To Fouad, the guy who held the party, I am so sorry the Gnawa night didn’t go the way you planned it. I am sure that wasn’t your wedding night, because no bride would opt for jail instead of a honeymoon. hahahahahaha

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    Hamada Says:

    Whether this was a wedding party or some kind of prank is not something that could be determined from the video. However, it would be hypocrite to deny the existence of homosexuality in Morocco. We all know Marrakesh is the African Pucket of gay men. Personally, I think that the very fact that homosexuality exists in Morocco at least proves that we are just as human as anybody else. I mean if homosexuality is everywhere else why couldn’t it exist in Morocco? And why couldn’t we just accept it. It would make our lives a lot easier if we came to terms with this. We’d have to look at ways to limit the extent to which we want to see it flashed and in you-face so to speak, in the same way we limit heterosexuals from kissing on the streets! It is true that our cultural context transcends us and determines who we are. Although we don’t want it to stifle our sexual proclivity. Homosexuality is a fact. It is not a disease. It exists and the reason why it does is because it has its place. Beyond the sexual orientation, there’s a person. Denying him/her the right to live a chosen life and thrive the way they see fit would be like denying a black man the right to vote, a women the right to go to school and a Muslim the right to board a plane!

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