Double bomb blasts kill 26 in Alger

Latest reports say a Senegalese and a Danish citizen were among the 26 killed Tuesday morning in a double bomb blast which injured 177 others in the Algerian capital, Algers, an interior ministry statement quoted by the country’s press agency (APS) reports.

The Senegalese national was a UN official working in the Algerian capital city, the Algerian news agency disclosed, quoting the Interior Ministry that counted eight foreigners among the injured, including five Asians and two Africans (one Senegalese and one Cameroonian), and a Lebanese lady also a UN official, APS said.

The armed branch of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Fight (GSFC) is suspected to have perpetrated the attacks, as they are known to be the a branch of Saudi Arabia National Ben Laden’s Al-Qaeda outpost in the Maghred.

A first car exploded shortly before 10 o’clock am in front of the Supreme Court, near the Constitutional Council, blasting a students’ bus on its way to the faculty of Law.

Ten minutes later, a tank lorry with a kamikaze inside it exploded at the headquarters of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNCHR) in the neighbouring district of Hydra, where ministries and diplomatic residences are hosted.

Four UNHCR staff members were killed and fourteen have not been found yet, a provisional report of the ministry indicated, whereas the previous death toll was 62 dead people according to hospital sources.

According to official sources, the Salafist group claimed the attack in a message on an Islam allegiance website indicating that two “martyrs have cast two bomb cars loaded with 800 kgs of explosives against the headquarters of the international den of non-believers”.

“It’s a new conquest by the Knights of Faith to defend the injured Islam nation”, the statement read, quoting the French daily “Le Figaro” , promising to disclose the pictures of both suicide bombers.

According to the Algerian Minister of the Interior, Nourredine Yazid Zerhouni “some members of GSFC had voiced their intention to target the Constitutional Council in Ben Aknoum” where the first blast took place early Tuesday.

According to the Algerian Agency, these assumptions have prompted the Algerian minister of the Interior to blame the double attack on the Salafist group, which the minister Zerhouni described as “terrorist organisation”.

MN/aft/ks/APA 11-12-2007



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