Ramiz narrates ordeals of his illegal journey to Morocco

Ramiz Uddin, an unfortunate Bangladeshi, finally returned to home after walking hundreds of miles for 26 days on foreign lands. After facing untold sufferings on way to Spain, his destination to change the luck that he could not reach. Finally he decided to return home and went to Bangladesh Embassy at Raba, Morocco.

Narrating his long ordeals Ramiz told a press conference at Police Headquarters yesterday that married but unemployed he first went to Dubai in 2004. Failing to change his luck there his father-in-law in Dubai sent him to Spain at the fag end of May this year.

“Having no valid passport and visa I’ve crossed Niger, Algeria and reached Morocco. There I walked at least 400kms from Oujda and reached Raba in 26 days,” said 30-year old Ramiz lamenting his ill luck. He hails from Bara Saleswar village under Biyanibazar in Sylhet district.

He said he met with a Nigerian at Oujda, a town bordering Morocco. He took him to a hotel where 14 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants were staying. “We all walked through the Sahara desert to reach Algeria. On way we were caught in sandstorm. I fell unconscious while others were stuck up under the sands. We were extremely hungry and passed the days without food and water.”

During their risky journey, Ramiz said they spent 5 days in a forest of Morocco when a mafia group beat them and took away the belongings.

Inspector General of Police Noor Mohammad present at the press conference said during his visit to Morocco for the Interpol meeting in November last year the Bangladesh embassy informed him about Ramiz.

In his own initiative the IGP arranged the return of Ramiz with the help of Nigerian representative of International Organization of Migration. Ramiz flew back home this morning.


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