Ex-French President Chirac, wife celebrate Christmas in Morocco

7199a-jacques_chirac_en_vacances_a_taroudant.jpgFormer French President, Jacques Chirac, and his wife Bernadette, who arrived in Southern Morocco since Sunday, will be spending Christmas there, reliable sources told PANA here Monday.

Chirac and his wife are currently in Taroudant (700 km south of Rabat) where the French couple has a private residence.

Over the past few years, the couple had regularly spent their Christmas in Morocco.

As a regular visitor to Morocco, Mr Chirac has always had a penchant for the two-ochre cities of the Kingdom:Taroudant and Marrakech.



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    a lot of people are falling in love with Morocco and the country became a great destination for tourists and investors.

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    Geneve Baley Says:

    What is the Paris office address of former Pres. Chirac with whom I worked for peace, and how did you get my name and e-mail? Geneve Baley, La Marquise de Vernet des Lumieres, Cold War Peace Dividend Neogotiator’62-’92, Founder US Horizontal Socio-Economic Science, tel: USA, 845-297-8374. Ask Chirac to contact me please.

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