Morocco set to create centers to cure women batterers, Minister.

Morocco is set to create special centers to cure women batterers and provide them with proper treatment, Moroccan Minister of Social Development, Family and Solidarity, Nouzha Skalli, said on Wednesday. Speaking at the House of Representatives’ question time on violence against women, Ms. Skalli noted that women batterers are people who need a psychological treatment to help correct their behavior.

Violence against women does not only have a heavy cost in terms of health and economy but a negative impact on children and on the family as well, she went on, recalling that since the launch of a free crisis hotline for women, some 17,511 acts of violence against women were documented by crisis centers as of January 2007. These acts were perpetrated by 10,053 women batterers, 78.8 of whom are husbands, the minister added, noting that some 10,053 violence-related complaints have also been made, with an average of 838 complaints a month.

Touching on the legal provisions in favor of women that are meant to uproot violence, Ms. Skalli said a bill is being prepared to toughen these provisions and curb violence against women. Over the past years, Morocco has adopted a set of measures to slash forms of violence against women, launched crisis centers for battered women and conducted awareness campaigns. The latest campaign was launched on November 30 to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Dubbed the fifth National Campaign to eliminate violence against women, it revolved around “Mobilizing Youths to fight Violence against Women”.



  1. 1
    Brian Says:

    Do you have any information on what programs they might be using for the treatment of women batterers?

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    hallocaMoomb Says:

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