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a rapist in Marrakech

December 3, 2008


Polanski fled to Paris after being indicted in 1977 on six counts of drugging, raping and sodomizing 13 year old Geimer, whom he lured to Jack Nicholson’s  house.

Back in 2006,this notorious rapist was given the honor to head the Jury of the Marrakech cinema Festival and this year he was a guest of honor…


Heavy Metal to rock Morocco in February

January 22, 2008


If Metal Rock is your thing then head to Sidi Kacem on February 23.
January 22, 2008 – The Sidi Rock festival is follow up to a 2005 initiative by BERBER Badr – a collaboration between the bands: Anaconda, Black Wolves, Imperium, Metal Inc. and Mercy Killing. The event in 2005 was described as only being moderately successful, but this has not stopped Maison d’Art animé, Badr and CHBIHI Amine getting together a second edition of the festival to showcase young talent and feed an audience they describe as “a public thirsty for creativity and originality.”


The organisers say that “despite the many obstacles and drawbacks that represents such a consecration, organizers have taken action to advance the Moroccan Rock/Metal scene offering a chance for young people to develop this kind of music.” The event will take place in the province of Sidi Kacem on February 23, 2008 in Dar Echabab; Listed to perform are eight groups from different Moroccan regions: DESPOTISM (Casablanca), ATMOSPHEAR (Rabat), DAMNED CREATION (Sidi Kassem), KREMATORIUM (Kenitra), FLOOD OF HATE (Kenitra), EPHEMERAL PROMISE (Rabat), SAKADOYA (Settat) and HAMMER HEAD (Kenitra).

As their press release says: “All hope and expect a support, be it local authorities or organims and media, in order to devote them a humble place in the Moroccan music scene.We invite you to come and live for many memorable moments that will forever mark our history.”

(*) – ‘The View From Fez’:

Sheik Talal Nasser al-Sabah, a nephew of the Emir of Kuwait ,sentenced to death

December 11, 2007

Sheik Talal Nasser al-Sabah, a nephew of the Emir of Kuwait,who severed the penis of a very popular egyptian singer,was sentenced to death by Kuwaiti judicial authorities .He was found guilty of heroin trafficking …..pro1.jpgpro1.jpg

Leonardo Dicaprio honoured with Golden Star Award in Morocco

December 9, 2007

image21.jpgActor Leonardo DiCaprio received an honorary award from director Martin Scorsese at the opening of the seventh Marrakesh Film Festival in Morocco.

At the award ceremony Martin lavished praise on the actor as he presented him with a Golden Star Award on Dec 7.He complimented the ‘Titanic’ star for “always working till he breaks through the psychological depth of the character he has to play.”“I never fail to be amazed by his clear and complete commitment to his work,” Contactmusic quoted Scorsese, as saying.DiCaprio, who has worked with Scorsese in Gangs of New York, Aviator and The Departed, returned the compliment by calling the director, “a legend”.

The two are set to reunite next year (08) for their fourth movie together, ‘Shutter Island.’

The festival, which honored Scorsese himself in 2005, runs until 15 December (07)

Touria Majdouline: a Moroccan poet

November 25, 2007

majdouline.jpgTouria Majdouline was born in 1960 in Settat, and is currently a teacher of Arabic in Oujda, Morocco, where she lives.

One cannot approach modern Moroccan poetry without mentioning Touria Majdouline. She has succeeded in carving out a poetic space entirely her own in the cultural scene of Morocco. The peculiarity of her poetry resides in its unpretentious style, which thrives on simple but skillful representations of reality. Her tone is quiet and discreet, but hides a remarkable bravery and boldness underneath.
The speakers in her poems display a certain weariness of being, that is reminiscent in some ways of the poetry of reclusive American poet Emily Dickinson – although Majdouline’s attitude to social life is very different. She is a highly active social co-worker, and president of the important Albadil Alijtimai association (‘the social alternative’), which promotes the integration of children and young people into Morocco’s social and cultural milieu. She is also a member of the union of Moroccan writers, the House of Poetry in Morocco, and a founding member of the UNESCO association for creative women of the Mediterranean.