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An Islamist prisoner brought a woman secretly in his cell

December 6, 2007

     A Moroccan  Islamist jailed in the prison of Ain Borja, Casablanca has managed to bring  a young woman  in his cell and have sex with her…   The woman  spent two days with the prisoner , who is by the way a member of the Salafiya Jihadia movement, before  she was` discovered.’ This is the first time that  such thing happens in a  Moroccan prison ….What is funny and strange  about all this ,is the fact that this young woman got into the prisoner’s cell hiding in a big suitace…….…i am really mute….i am dumbfounded….i am sure that you will ask yourself hundreds of questions ……most of them realted to Moroccan prisons and to the true faith of islamists who , by wanting to change the world has forgotten to change themselves…charity begins at home……..does it??????



November 25, 2007