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January 1, 2008

hack.jpg  Some Moroccan blogs have recently been hacked by a group of Moroccan hackers Ur@niµm. has been hacked because they published an article about the newly-appointed Minister of culture,Touria Jabrane. The blogger,who is a teacher, WAS WARNED TO LEAVE MOROCCAN MINISTERS ALONE …..

Message for you Admin:

                                                               C’est mon Canal, allez sortez-vous d’ici…et laisse les ministres a part

Gretz for all m0roCc@n HaCk3r


Morocco, model for cultural diversity (international colloquium).

November 30, 2007

touria-jabrane-994.jpgParticipants in the international colloquium on dialogue of civilizations underlined, here Friday, the Moroccan experience in the field of cultural diversity respect. They also highlighted, at the opening session of this meeting, the importance of dialogue between cultures in order to clear up misunderstandings, adding that rejecting the idea of “watertight separations between religions” and advocating the “life together”, is a necessity of inter-religious dialogue.

The chairman of the Arab world institute in Paris, Dominique Baudis, stressed, in his address, the need for all actors to “recognize the right to be different to engage into a dialogue based on equality and reciprocity, to respect each other.” He called for a dialogue, which takes into account characteristics of each nation, adding that “intercultural dialogue should include religion as well.”

Moroccan minister of culture, Touriya Jabrane Kraytife, for her part, said that there is no clash between civilizations and cultures; it is rather “a fight between people who do not understand the essence of values differences.” “We need to draw up a world charter on citizenship to teach the rising generations the values of belonging to this world”, she said.

According to France’s ambassador to Morocco, Jean François Thibaut “Morocco constitutes, for several countries of the region, a useful reference, a case that is worth reflection concerning dialogue between civilizations.”


We, delegates, representing multiple countries from the Arab world, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, meeting at the International Conference on ‘Civilizations and Cultural Diversity; What dialogue for what alliance?’, organized by the city of Fez and the CMIESI, under the high patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI of Morocco, from the 23rd to the 25th of November 2007 in Fes, land of co-existence, interculturalism, and permanent dialogue which, in 2008, will celebrate the 1200 years since its founding.

– Firmly attached to the values and universal principles, embodied by the resolutions of the United Nations, of UNESCO of the OCI and of the OIF, in relation to Dialogue and Alliance between Civilizations, and the preservation of Cultural Diversity.

– Aware of our responsibility and our duty that concerns us all regarding the futur of humanity, confronted by new challenges, uncertainties and threats, which are revealed through intolerance, the return of racial and religious discrimination, violence and obscurantisms, injustices and inqualities, the weakening of the rule of law; no civilization, culture, nor even any religion, are spared.

– Following rich debate and the exchange of varying points of view during the course of this conference; We have decided to address this appeal to the international community and to all human consciences for LIVING TOGETHER: