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    Good day
    The picture is horrible. I do not know how ill those people become when they leave jail. I hope the website owner will do something to save them/

  2. 2
    BOUCH3AIB Says:

    It’s no wonder in a country of a GOD KING to find out such people whome HE callS ALRA3IYA(SHEEP)in a hourible situation deprived of the least humanity and honour. Long live the KING and death to RA3IYA who will ever think about distructing order, they don’t deserve to leave as humans to know that most of them are innocent or suffering from a poor regime that worhip the King and the rest should serve or die. It’s a call for all the human rights organizations to help the moroccan people get out of misery by fighting the corrupt regime of the GOD KING. SOS MOROCCO

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